Spread the Disease Re-Release Debut LP

Toronto band Spread the Disease are re-releasing their debut LP “We Bleed from Many Wounds” as a limited edition 12”

Originally released in 1998 as a CD on Eulogy Records, “We Bleed from Many Wounds” is the band’s debut album. After 23 years, three independent labels, Hypaethral Records (North America), Moment of Collapse (Germany), and Listen to Aylin (Scandinavia) have come together to finally give this album the vinyl release that it deserves. Remastered by Greg Dawson @ BWC Studios (Mare, The End, Olde), this first pressing is limited to 300 LPs on blood splattered vinyl. 

Stream/Download the album now at:

Featuring former members of seminal hardcore band New Day Rising, as well as members that went on to form The Abandoned Hearts Club, Spread the Disease’s unique blend of metallic hardcore with elements of black and death metal quickly gained them notoriety within the hardcore scene of their time. Hailed as progenitors of blackened metalcore, they made their way to Syracuse’s Hellfest in 1999, sharing the stage with the likes of Buried Alive, Snapcase, and Boysetsfire.

The opening track “Quarantine”, whose title could not be more a propos as we continue to navigate a global pandemic, is a bleak and relentless fusion of hardcore and death metal, channeling Integrity, Cryptopsy, and Entombed.

Pre-order: Aug 31, 2021
Official Release: Oct 1, 2021