From the desolate north of Portland, ME, blackened neo-crust band Fasad have signed on with Toronto, ON based record label Hypaethral Records to release the follow up to their acclaimed 2020 debut EP “The End”. The 9 track album, titled “After the End”, is set for a Summer 2022 release, with vinyl pre-order details coming later this spring.

Digital pre-orders will go live on March 3, 2022 along with streaming of the title track, a blistering 3-minute song combining the speed and epic riffing of black metal with the force and energy of neo-crust. 

After cutting their teeth in notable New England bands Hessian and Ramlord, the members of Fasad have come together to create something both original and progressive. Building off of their previous efforts, “After the End” shows growth and maturity in Fasad’s songwriting, producing cohesive songs with equal focus on melody, musicianship, and intensity. A genre defining blend of black metal and d-beat/crust that is not to be missed!

Formed in 2012, Hypaethral Records, are purveyors of doom and blackened metal. This Fasad LP will stand shoulder-to-shoulder alongside releases by former band Ramlord, the progenitors of blackened hardcore Spread the Disease, and atmospheric doomsayers QAALM.

RIYL: His Hero is Gone, From Ashes Rise, Dark Funeral, Fall of Efrafa

Listen to “After the End”: https://listen.hypaethralrecords.com/album/after-the-end