Hailing from Hamilton Ontario, sludgy death/doom band Absorb has recently signed with extreme metal record label Hypaethral Records to release their fourth album, “Smog”. The 3-song, 25-minute EP is set for a July 2024 release on vinyl, CD, and digital.

"Smog" marks a significant shift towards a denser, more atmospheric, and even heavier sound. The band has fine-tuned their tone, bringing their new material to a level of intensity and depth previously unheard. Their ability to create a haunting landscape while delivering pummeling heaviness is unmatched.

The opening track "Dissociated" sets the stage, creating a haunting and dissonant atmosphere, allowing vocalist Erik Thorkildsen's impassioned vocal delivery to gradually build in intensity until the band joins in with a thunderous riff that crushes listeners to their core.

Absorb's music is a visceral experience, drawing from influences such as Primitive Man, Thou, and Cough, yet forging a sound that leaves listeners stunned. “Smog” is the next chapter in the band's relentless journey to push their music beyond the boundaries of death/doom.

RIYL: Primitive Man, Thou, Indian, Cough, FÓRN, Graves at Sea

Listen to “Smog”: https://listen.hypaethralrecords.com/album/smog